A local man’s weekend has been reportedly ruined after the unfortunate malfunction of one of his thongs. Daniel Graham had been enjoying a weekend on the Victorian coast before a tragic thong “blowout” during a trip to the beach shattered his usually cheery disposition.

Reflecting on the catastrophic chain of events, Graham has told The Watsonia Bugle, “It was just a nightmare mate. I’m just starting to talk about it this morning. I was too shattered to speak about it on Saturday arvo when it happened, and yesterday was just a write off. And to make things worse, they were me going out thongs too. You know, my good pair. It was a total debacle.”

While Graham was able to walk barefooted into a nearby surf store and purchase a replacement pair, that did little to soothe his worries. Speaking of the new pair, Graham said, “That old pair had been worn in, and those new ones always take a few weeks to break in properly. It was far from ideal, mate. Plus, have you seen how much a pair of Havaianas cost these days? Far out!”