Our self-anointed “Birthday Week” has officially commenced, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the festivities. To be honest, we’re probably just as surprised as you are that we’ve lasted this long, but that won’t stop us from doing what everyone else does when their baby has a birthday: burst with pride, have a few drinks, and get busy on social media.

And the drink of choice? We think it will have to be Victoria Bitter, after earlier this month enjoying our most-read article ever, as the tale of Rick Bitter did the rounds. Dessert? Probably the hot cross bun ice cream we recently discovered. Music? Taylor Swift of course.

Like any self-respecting person about to acknowledge their birthday, it would be reckless of us to not drop a few hints about what we’d like for a present. Maybe an emoji-encrusted personalised number plate? Or a shower chair just in case the celebrations get a bit out of hand.

If those hints are not obvious enough for you, or slightly out of your budget, the best thing you could ever give us is to like and share our posts, tell your friends about us, or maybe even buy a few t-shirts. Insert emoji wink face here.