A Greensborough man named Rick Bitter has drawn criticism for the first name he has chosen for his recently born daughter. Bitter has angered friends, relatives, and even his wife, by christening his daughter “Victoria”, giving her the notorious moniker of Victoria Bitter.

While the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages does have a set of rules in place to deny certain names, they have allowed this one, on the grounds that Victoria is quite a common girl’s name, and the Bitter family can’t help what their surname is. Rick Bitter told The Watsonia Bugle, “I come from a long line of bogans mate. I mean why do you think me Dad called me ‘Rick’? It’s because, when said quickly, it kind of sounds like ‘Vic Bitter’. He loved it, thought it was a real hoot. He always used to shout from the lounge room, ‘Hey Rick Bitter, get me a Vic Bitter will ya?’ Then he’d cackle like one of them hyenas from The Lion King.”

Despite Rick’s obviously warm and loving family tradition, his wife, Rebecca, is most definitely not happy with the naming of her beautiful daughter. She said, “I bloody warned him you know. Told him if he named her Victoria that I’d cut his balls off and wear them as a necklace. But all he said when he went to lodge the papers was, ‘What are you gunna do darl? You’re stuck in here in the hospital bed so you can’t stop me from doin’ this!’ He’s got a bloody smart mouth does Rick. He’s in the dog house for sure. And he’ll be there for a while yet!”