A local newspaper has again provided a link on social media for an article that sits behind an annoying paywall. Despite regular ruminations in the comments sections of similar posts, the newspaper seems committed to its current social media strategy, regardless of how infuriating it apparently is for their followers.

One such infuriated follower contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to express his displeasure. Danny Finley said, “It’s a bloody pain in the arse mate. I’m sick of it. At least you blokes at the Bugle keep reporting on the news for free. I’m close to unfollowing the other ones at the moment. I reckon if I click on one more paywall article that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

So frustrated was Finley that he openly questioned who even pays to get beyond the mythical paywall. He said, “I mean, who’s even paying for it anyway. Unless you get it packaged up in some special deal, or your work pays for it, does anyone actually have a subscription? If I want to know what happened last night on MAFS I just Google that stuff, man.”

Representatives from the local newspaper failed to return our calls to discuss the issue, presumably busy trawling our own news site to pinch a few more stories.