Townsville locals say the anguish caused by dangerous flooding this week was amplified yesterday when Prime Minister Scott Morrison same to visit for what could best be described as an elaborate photo opportunity. As the city attempted to recover from copping a year’s worth of rain in just a few days, local residents were forced to invite the Prime Minister into their water-damaged homes so he could practice his best concerned face and ensure that the cameras only captured his good side.

Once the Prime Minister was out of earshot, one Townsville local was reportedly heard saying, “He’s the guy with the homemade trophy on his desk for stopping the boats, yeah? Well, we could’ve done with a few boats a couple of days ago.”

Other Townsville residents were critical of ScoMo’s attire, openly questioning why he needed to be wearing a camouflage jacket as he paraded around town. One such local said, “Camo? Where does he think he is? Afghanistan? It’s a disaster zone here right now, but surely there’s no need for the camo ScoMo! Get a grip mate.”