A local man, with a nasty inability to decipher sound, is apparently really looking forward to a music concert at Rod Laver Arena later this month. Darren Evans said that after initially purchasing his tickets last year, he can’t believe the Nickelback show in his very own town is just over a week away.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his growing excitement, Evans said, “Mate, I got the tickets ages ago, so I’d kind of put it into the back of me mind. And now it’s so close I can almost touch it. Can’t hear it, but I can almost touch it. They always put on a good show, so I just can’t wait!”

After providing a detailed description of the light show and “rock moves” on display the last time Nickelback toured Melbourne, Evans said he was hoping for more of the same. He said, “Yeah mate, the last time they were out here it was epic. Real big show. Heaps of musicians on stage, big screen behind them all, lights, fireworks, the lot. It’s gunna be awesome.”