The lead up to Easter has significantly escalated for one local hot cross bun enthusiast after she discovered a new ice cream flavour dedicated to her favourite treat. Watsonia’s very own Helen Fraser made the delightful discovery at a local supermarket last night, swiftly purchasing the store’s entire supply, and already working her way through two tubs of the ice cream by this morning.

Fraser, who first came to fame in January this year when we reported on her passionate defence of the early sales of hot cross buns, claimed she would now be attending the supermarket each day to keep a close eye on when stocks were replenished. In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Fraser also said, “I almost fell over in the ice cream section when I first saw it. It’s like some divine creature in their head office decided to combine my two absolute favourite foods into one. There’s no going back from here. Especially when I tried heated up hot cross buns with the ice cream served on top. It was insane.”

Despite the life-changing discovery, and the innovative combination of the two food items, Fraser’s only concern was that the ice cream would limit her actual hot cross bun consumption. She said, “I guess it’s what my old economics professor used to mean when he spoke about ‘opportunity cost’ in those boring lectures all those years ago. I’m sure I’ll strike a reasonably balance within the next few weeks, but right now it’s all about that ice cream. I’m gunna hit it real hard.”