The mother of Greensborough man Rick Bitter has spent the last week privately questioning the true reason why her husband of 47 years chose to marry her. Melissa Bitter was as shocked as anyone by the viral spread of our scoop about her son Rick controversially naming his daughter Victoria, but the widespread exposure of the news led Melissa to do some soul searching of her own.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Melissa said, “Ever since youse published that story about Rick and his little daughter, the penny kinda dropped for me. When I first met my now husband, everyone just knew me as ‘Melissa’. But within weeks he was calling me ‘Mel’, and eventually it caught on with all of our friends and family. I’ve always liked the shortened version of my name because it reminds me of those heady early days of our love, but now it makes me wonder if more sinister forces were at play.”

Melissa went on to explain that she wondered if her husband Dennis only married her because her name would then become “Mel Bitter”, bearing an uncanny resemblance to her husband’s second favourite alcoholic beverage: Melbourne Bitter. Melissa said, “I just can’t stop thinking about it. I mean, Dennis was a bit of a heart throb in his day. What you’d probably refer to as ‘a bit of a player’ these days. Maybe he just decided to marry me because of me first name? I feel like my whole life is a lie.”