In between big shows in Perth and Melbourne, Taylor Swift has been keeping a pretty low profile in Australia, enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation. As reported yesterday, the only glimpses of Swift’s movements this week have been Instagram posts of her enjoying nature and having a casual game of Scrabble in the sunshine with her mother.

While her deliberately ambiguous geotagging of “Australia” in the posts has kept fans guessing, one local woman claims that Swift has actually been spotted in and around Watsonia this week. Swift devotee Steph Brandon said she has spotted the megastar wondering the vibrant Watsonia Road shopping precinct, openly pondering what’s happening to the Macorna Store, and enjoying nature in Gresswell Forest.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Brandon said, “Yeah, for sure, it was her. I don’t know where she’s staying, but I’m presuming she’s just found a nice little Airbnb somewhere in the area and just settled in for the week. Maybe she heard how healthy Watsonia is now? I spotted her grabbing a coffee on Watsy Road on Tuesday. And if you look at those Insta pics from this week, they could easily be from around here. The nature one? Probably Gresswell or, at a stretch, maybe over at Plenty Gorge Park. There are some nice spots in that park, even if it is a bit hard to walk through Watsy North to get there. And the scrabble in the sunshine pic? The sun’s been shining in Watsy all week, so that could easily be in the backyard of her Airbnb. I’m telling ya, Tay Tay has been in Watsy this week, and it’s truly awesome.”