With local councils supposedly pushing for fortnightly rubbish collections, local parents are already stressed about the smell that would be emanating from their bins if soiled nappies were left in there for 14 days. While the reasons behind the move are admirable, as news of the potential fortnightly collection did the rounds on mainstream media yesterday, local parents spent much of the day in a state of panic.

One such local parent, Michelle Wallace, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Can you imagine the smell coming out of there if those bins only got emptied once a fortnight? Six to seven days of them sitting in there is enough as it is, ain’t nobody wanna be doubling that any time soon. Especially in summer when the content of those bins really get the opportunity to bake in the hot sun.”

Meanwhile, Pete Campbell is just as worried about the capacity of his rubbish bin if the time between collections is doubled. He said, “Mate, before kids we hardly even got our bins to half full, but since they came along it’s a weekly struggle to jam everything in. And it’s not just the nappies taking up valuable space in those bins. My kids break at least one or two household items a week that I then have to chuck out. It’s neverending.”