At least one Watsonia man is unimpressed with yesterday’s news that Kylie Jenner is now officially a billionaire at the tender age of just 21. The report, from Forbes, makes Jenner the youngest ever self-made billionaire, taking the mantle from Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

However, local man Darren Taylor is not happy about the news, claiming the enormous accumulation of wealth is “symbolic of everything that is wrong with the world these days”. He also said, “How on earth does a 21-year-old get that rich that quick? What does she do? She’s just famous for being famous. This is ridiculous! At least Kim Kardashian got her hands dirty by making that sex tape to become famous. This is absurd.”

When told that Jenner had amassed her fortune thanks to the success of cosmetic company that she owns, Taylor was still unhappy. He said, “Is she in the lab making the concoctions, is she? I doubt that very much. What the hell is wrong with the world? This makes me sick.”