Plans are reportedly in place to acknowledge the one-year anniversary of buses replacing trains during the removal of the Rosanna level crossing last year. While that challenging two-month period might seem like ages ago to many, some commuters claim to still have nightmares about the experience, with some getting a shiver down the spine each time an announcement is made at local train stations.

Exactly how the anniversary will be observed remains unclear, but commuters on this morning’s Hurstbridge Line threw up more than a couple of ideas. Helen McArthur of Watsonia said, “Oh dear, it was a horrible time wasn’t it? I’m not sure what they should do. Maybe a minute’s silence on Platform 1 at Watsy Station. Or all trains have to pause at Rosanna Station for a moment of reflection, and to relish how far we’ve come.”

When the train line fully re-opened in May last year, some commuters claimed it was the longest drop in service since the construction of the Eltham train bridge in 1902. While those claims were unable to be confirmed, a local linguist temporarily upgraded the term “buses replacing trains” to swear word status during last year’s line work, and rage ruled over sense for many weeks.