A prominent Melbourne newspaper has allegedly sent a scare through the Moomba water skiing camp due to some awkward image placement on the front page of today’s edition. An image of a water skier on the milky brown waters of the Yarra has been unfortunately placed above the headline “Malaria jab trial”, leading to contamination concerns amongst those competing in this weekend’s events.

While concerns over water quality have been commonplace throughout the many years of water-skiing events on Melbourne’s famous river, skiers preparing for this weekend say the front cover of today’s Herald Sun has been an “unwanted reminder of the constant dangers of skiing on the Yarra”.

An anonymous source close to the athletes said, “You’re already thinking about it a bit in the build up, and the last thing you need is it up in lights on the front page of the city’s main newspaper. The mood was tense over breakfast this morning. There’s only so much a closed mouth can keep out when you plunge into the waters of the Yarra.”