Experts claim that a local Game of Thrones nerd deserves a punch in the arm every time he suggests that “Winter is coming”. While the advocation of violence, however relatively harmless, is uncommon in this modern climate, multiple experts from a variety of fields have endorsed the use of manual persuasion to discourage arguably the most over-used phrase in the last two years.

One such expert, local behaviour specialist Professor Chris Bullen, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I think it’s necessary in this case. Normally I don’t condone violence as a behaviour change tool, but I feel these kinds of people will only respond to mild physical pain. So, I say go for it. Lay into them.”

With the return of the popular television series, and the impending change of seasons in our real world, local linguist Samantha Wallis claims the phrase could raise to an even higher level of use in the next month or so. She said, “Brace yourselves, this whole over-use thing will get worse before it gets better. Trust me.”