A local deadbeat has conceded that he’ll never remember to take reusable bags to the supermarket, and is now just resigned to the fact he’ll pay 15 cents per bag each time he goes shopping. Will Martin made the heartbreaking admission yesterday during a quick trip to the supermarket to grab some supplies, fighting back tears as he told the checkout worker about his current life phase.

Reflecting on the moment today with The Watsonia Bugle, Martin said he now feels a strange mixture of both shame and relief as he enters a new chapter in his life. He said, “For months I kept trying to remember those bags, and felt bad every time I forgot. But, to be honest, I’m just sick of apologising to the checkout people, like I’m some kind of arsehole that doesn’t care about the environment. That’s no way to live.”

Since the new plastic bag regime commenced in the middle of last year, Martin estimates that he only remembered to take his canvas bags roughly 20% of the time. He also claims that he’s tried a whole bunch of methods to avoid the shame, but has been unable to improve his habits. He said, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve tried heaps of things. You know, leaving them in me car, all that. It just doesn’t work. Once I’ve unpacked me shopping I can’t be bothered walking back out to me car to put them back in. It’s a living hell.”