A coincidental playing of Cat Stevens’ Greatest Hits has really smacked a local man in the feels, accessing a level of emotion that the man had previously felt was unattainable. Rick Nawson stumbled across the artistic stylings of Cat Stevens during a casual scroll through Spotify on Sunday night, leading to a solid one-hour listen accompanied by a large bottle of red wine.

Reflecting on the experience, Nawson told The Watsonia Bugle, “Wow. Just wow. How can music so seemingly simple touch me on so many levels? Maybe its simplicity and unpretentious rawness is what truly resonated with me? So good.”

While Nawson admitted that he didn’t know many of the songs past the first four or five, including “Father and Son”, “Wild World” and “Morning Has Broken” — he promised to delve a little deeper into the back catalogue during future listens. He said, “He must have a whole heap more rippers hiding in there somewhere. I can see myself becoming obsessed by this.”