Following some introductory therapy sessions with a psychologist, Watsonia man John Kantle’s obsession with the fill level of his bins has been deemed “unhealthy”. The emotional attachment that John has developed, in addition to the oppressive amount of time he spends worrying about the bins’ ability to “get to the bin night without overflowing” has reached dangerous levels.

A recent family function at the Kantle household is believed to have brought on the official diagnosis. Following his son’s fifth birthday, John went into a tailspin as both the recycling and the rubbish bins filled to capacity a full five days before bin night. When John’s wife Shona saw him pacing nervously up and down the driveway on the morning after the party, she knew that it was time to seek professional help. “I mean, I’ve always felt that he talks about the bins a bit too much, but I was willing to let it slide because in 17 years of marriage I’ve never had to so much as touch the bins, let alone wheel them to the nature strip on bin night”.

John initially discredited the psychologists opinion, describing it as “mumbo jumbo”, but has since come to agree, acknowledging that creating an Excel spreadsheet to identify peak bin usage times over a 12-month period was not normal. “All I really wanted to do was gather enough data to help me plan for peak times so that I didn’t have any nasty surprises. But maybe Kevin down the road is right… if your bins are full on bin night, just sneak a few extra bags into the neighbour’s bin under the cover of darkness.”