An entire generation of young people are apparently missing out on the rich experience of sitting outside Greensborough post office and looking cool. For decades before this current era, the post office held prime real estate on Main Street, allowing thousands of youths to idly spend their afternoons sitting on the steps and watching the world go by.

The occasionally nefarious behaviour of some of those youths reportedly led to the relocation of the post office, as little old ladies feared for their lives as they walked through the throng to send parcels and pay bills. And it seems the current positioning of the post office is not conducive to sitting around and looking cool, nor is it geographically advantageous for spotting when the next bus is on its way to finally take you home.

Speaking about the lost opportunity for today’s youth, one former Post Office regular told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s a lost opportunity, man. That’s for sure. That hang used to be sick. We’d all just chill on them steps and felt like we ruled the town. Greensy or Burra? It didn’t matter. It was all ours.”

When asked for specifics on what today’s youth were missing, the anonymous regular said, “It’s too hard to put into words. It was a lifestyle. A culture, if you will. That was our field of dreams back in the day, man. Now it’s just a soulless wall. They wouldn’t even let us have that old back entrance to the cinemas. That’s when we knew our days were numbered. It’s a real shame.”