The local suburb of Heidelberg seems to have gone a bit early on the Mothers Day promos, with banners currently hanging around the area advertising the annual celebration of mums. In addition to perhaps peaking too early for the event, the recent appearance of the banners has struck fear into more than a few visitors to the region, with some claiming that the mere sight of the banners made them worry they’d forgotten to buy their mum some slippers and/or pyjamas.

One such visitor, who drives through Heidelberg each day to commute to work from his home in Watsonia, said, “Geez, they’ve gone way too early on that one. I almost packed me dacks when I saw the first one, but then I quickly did the maths and realised it’s over two months away!”

The same commuter, who oddly requested anonymity, also questioned why the prominent location of the banners was not better leveraged for the upcoming Easter shopping frenzy. He said, “What about Easter? It’s one of the most beloved religious and retail festivals on the calendar. Surely you put Easter banners up for a few weeks before you scare the living daylights out of every bloke within a 10-kilometre radius by trumpeting the impending arrival of Mothers Day! C’mon Heidelberg, you’re supposed to be the Toorak of the north. Get it together.”