Having analysed a variety of Mothers Day catalogues from leading Australian retailers, a local man has concluded that mums must really love pyjamas and slippers. Brendan Coleman, a 24-year-old Greensborough resident, made the discovery after putting some serious study into what he should buy his long-suffering mum for this weekend’s Mothers Day celebrations.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Coleman said, “I decided that this year I’ll actually make an effort and do some research into what Mum might like. I asked Dad and he was pretty much useless, so I grabbed a heap of catalogues from last week’s DV News and was overwhelmed by all the PJs, slippers, moisturisers and tea mugs.”

While Coleman was savvy enough to identify the obvious trend, he still claims he won’t by buying such items for his mum this weekend. He said, “Mate, I don’t need them catalogues to tell me what Mum wants on Sunday. So I’ll be off to Dan Murphy’s to grab her a bottle of Beam. Problem solved.”