A bloke who greets people with a friendly “how ya going?” is actually expecting an answer, and gets mad when one isn’t forthcoming. While for many people a simple “how ya going?” is deemed interchangeable with saying “hello”, this particular Watsonia man insists that he genuinely wants to know how you are going.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Stan Hughes said “for some unknown reason, people just think it’s my way of saying hi, but I am actually asking how they are going. When I don’t get an answer, I feel genuinely affronted, and then spend the remainder of the day wondering how that person is actually going.”

Self-proclaimed social scientist Brendon Taylor insists that Stan’s grievance is actually quite common within society. Brendon said, “it’s far more widespread than you’d imagine. The human brain makes a calculated decision to either say ‘hi’ or ‘how ya going?’, so it makes sense that the brain then anticipates a response depending on the greeting delivered.

“My advice is that if someone asks how you are going, you should definitely give them an answer, even if it’s just a cliched line. The asker deserves a response, and if you don’t give them something, you will torture their soul for the rest of the day.”