A local parent has alerted The Watsonia Bugle to the fact that Mr Clever from the popular series of Mr Men books bares an uncanny resemblance to social commentator and general radio dickhead Steve Price. Having read Mr Clever’s self-titled book, Mr Clever, to her children on numerous occasions, Watsonia mother of two Hannah Finlayson says she can’t unsee the similarities between the smug cartoon character and Price.

Somewhat ironically, Mr Clever’s self titled book chronicles his experience of leaving his hometown of “Cleverland”, smugly pronouncing himself as the cleverest man in the world to all he meets, struggling to make any genuine human connection with anyone that he meets and then, ultimately, discovering that he’s actually not that clever after all. Some would argue that Mr Clever’s harrowing tale actually mirrors Price’s own experience of leaving the relatively cloistered environment of AM radio and appearing as the metaphorical grumpy uncle on otherwise progressive nightly television show The Project.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her revelation, Finlayson said, “When old mate Mr Clever threw his first frown in that book I thought to myself, ‘I’ve seen that face somewhere before!’ Once I realised that he looked just like Steve Price, I couldn’t get the image out of my head. It’s a neat coincidence that the book actually tells the story of what I imagine Steve encounters in every day of his sad and miserable existence.”