A local man has quickly read the 5-minute guide to the budget announcement in a popular newspaper today and still doesn’t really understand what’s happening, nor does he really care. Brenton Jewell read the brief summary over lunch today, scanned through a few bits he thinks will impact on him, and then quickly worked his way through the newspaper’s regular Sports section.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this afternoon, Jewell said, “Oh, I tried mate, I really tried. But I just don’t get it. Nothing major has changed surely? It’s just like every election. The same stuff happens. I’m more interested in how long they reckon Joey Daniher will be out for, or whether Nic Nat will get suspended for tackling a bloke.”

Despite his apathy towards the economy, and politics in general, Jewell did note that he was disappointed in the omission of Watsonia’s giant dim sim proposal from last week’s State Budget announcement. He said, “Mate, that’s a real tragedy. The Big Dimmy would be bloody awesome. And I see that MP Colin Brooks is on board. So surely we’re a chance now!”