Following the fiery reader response to our exclusive report back in March about Springthorpe’s crippling identity crisis, news is circulating that residents of the estate have set up a support group to deal with the challenges of living in the area. Despite our initial report on the issue attempting to remain sympathetic to those involved, it didn’t stop one angry Springthorpian from leaving the following message on our article:

While the comments did clear up the vexing issue of what that weird tower is near the roundabout, and gave us an irrelevant description of the suburb that Polaris resides in, we were somewhat offended by the inference that we hadn’t done enough research into such a serious matter. In response, further enquiries into the goings on within Springthorpe have uncovered the existence of a well-attended support group that meets fortnightly to address any concerns about which suburb they actually live in.

The Watsonia Bugle went undercover into the most recent meeting and was pleased to encounter a supportive group of local residents proactively tackling their identity issues. Among frequent references to the superior median house price in the area in comparison to Watsonia, the group also regularly recited the empowering mantra of, “We are Springthorpe, and we are proud to be Springthorpians”.

So, we say good on you Springthorpe. We’re really proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.