The local estate of Springthorpe is reportedly in the midst of a crippling identity crisis, unable to say exactly what it is and what it stands for. While some residents of the estate believe it is a suburb unto itself, others are struggling to come to terms with the cold hard fact that they are technically living in Macleod.

Gone are the days when a Springthorpe resident’s biggest dilemma was which supermarket in an adjoining suburb was closest, thankfully alleviated by the construction of Polaris, so now they’ve moved onto bigger things. Like who are they, where are they from, what is Springthorpe. According to one local resident, “This is purgatory mate, literally. I just don’t know what my local area is, and that has created a devastating identity crisis. I see it in the faces of me neighbours too, as they aimlessly water their perfectly manicured lawns.”

While the resident was unwilling to disclose exactly what that odd tower construction is next to the roundabout at the south entrance of the estate, he was resolute in his stance that he and his neighbours did not want to join the petition to change Macleod’s name to Watsonia West. He said, “No way mate. We’ve got a Country Club here. Watsonia doesn’t have a Country Club. There’s no way I’m devaluing my place by changing our name to Watsy West!”