In a rather extraordinary move, Macleod residents have reportedly started a petition to change their suburb’s name to “Watsonia West”. While the reasons are quite varied, the main motivations include improved property values, a better standard of living, and the provision of multiple bakeries. 

As reported exclusively by The Watsonia Bugle a couple of weeks ago, increased house prices in Watsonia have resulted in the introduction of a Paris end to our favourite suburb, leading to widespread jealousy across the border in Macleod. And it was also uncovered in last Tuesday night’s Q&A with the Bugle that Macleod residents are heavily aggrieved by the absence of a bakery in their main strip of shops. 

As regular readers will know, Watsonia is extremely well catered for when it comes to food outlets, including two iconic and passionately supported bakeries. One Macleod resident even called our suburb’s squabbling over which of our bakeries is best a classic first world problem. 

So what do you think? Should we let them in? In the past, the fair residents of Macleod have looked down their noses at Watsonia, but now they seem to have seen the light.