A local woman is reportedly proposing a new social media platform that only allows its users to post truthful reflections on their lives, rather than the sanitised and filtered representations frequently shared on more common platforms. Rebecca Campbell intends to call it “Instatruth” and believes it will revolutionise the way people interact with each other, as well as improve mental health outcomes all over the world.

Campbell said she conceived the new platform after growing tired of false representations on social media by her friends and colleagues. She said, “There’s just so much fabrication on Facebook and Insta these days, it drives me mad. Instatruth will give everyone an overdue dose of reality. I’m talking crying kids, triple chin selfies, crippling debt, soul destroying hangovers, you know, real life.”

While Campbell possesses no coding skills or the ability to build a website, she believes she can make it happen. She said, “This is happening. It’s what the world needs. There’s too much superficial bullshit out there, it’s time to keep it real man.”