A local office worker is mentally preparing to be confused which day it is all week, and mentioning that fact to everyone he comes into contact with of the next four days. Chris Flanagan is already telling family members that, “It feels like a Sunday today”, and is aware that this state of confusion will continue up until at least next Saturday morning.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Flanagan said, “It’s the only downside of getting the day off work mate, it just completely throws ya. Tuesday feels like a Monday, and Wednesday feels like Tuesday. By later in the week I’ll just be a mess. And I’m even dreading Anzac Day being a Wednesday next month. That’s gunna be mega confusing. Real tough.”

One of Flanagan’s colleagues from the financial planning firm he works in also contacted the Bugle to say, “This week will be unbearable. Chris will be commenting on this all week. In the kitchen, at the urinal, down in the coffee shop, on the walk to the train station after work. There’s only so much I’ll be able to take.”