Following yesterday’s long awaited re-opening of the Hurstbridge Train Line, one local commuter is already referring to the buses replacing trains era like it was some long battle from the past, reminiscing with fellow train passengers about the challenges of the last seven weeks. Overheard on an evening train home to Watsonia last night, Tim Bradley reportedly said, “Remember those seven weeks? Gee they were tough. We should never forget how lucky we are to have such an efficient and clean train system.”

While reaction to the comments was mixed in the carriage Bradley was sitting in at the time, the general sentiment amongst commuters last night was overwhelming relief at the end of what some commuters have referred to as, “The worst seven weeks of my life”. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Sally Perry said, “Man that was a bit of a nightmare wasn’t it. I’m looking forward to getting back to catching a train uninterrupted from Greensborough to Flinders Street, and the unique opportunity to now pay for my parking at the train station.”