News broke yesterday of a Banyule Council plan to start charging public transport commuters to park near train stations because it seems these long suffering people have not been punished enough. And the timing of the announcement seems odd, given that the entire region is currently groaning under the strain of buses replacing trains and the increased road traffic that has created.

The meters are expected to be installed around the Greensborough, Montmorency, Macleod, Ivanhoe and Rosanna train stations – with each of those stations synonymous with ample off street parking close to train platforms. Or not. For example, the new meters will impact the Diamond Creek Road stretch between St Helena Road and Plenty River Drive in Greensborough, where commuters will now be expected to park over a kilometre from the train station and then pay for the “privilege”.

As the daily Diamond Valley traffic snarl gets worse year on year, due to the increasing urban sprawl being expected to funnel through the Lower Heidelberg Road cutting in Eaglemont, is it really a good idea to give commuters more incentive not to catch public transport? Especially smack bang in the middle of a six-week traffic nightmare as work is performed on the Hurstbridge Line? We think not. But, hey, we don’t make the rules, so what would we know?