A local bank has missed what could only be described as a golden opportunity (double pun) to sponsor the Commonwealth Games currently being held on the Gold Coast. Which bank you ask? Well, the Commonwealth Bank of course.

While naming rights sponsorship is apparently out of the question for an illustrious event such as the Commonwealth Games, we still feel that the marketing gurus at the Commonwealth Bank have dropped the ball here, in what they could easily describe as a partnership that is full of synergy and an alignment of corporate values.

Local marketing guru Kenneth Ferguson said, “It’s such an obvious match. The kind of advertising free kick that just doesn’t come around every four years or so. They could’ve even done some kind of split screen where the word ‘Commonwealth’ stays the same and they interchange ‘Games’ with ‘Bank’. That would’ve been innovative, and another alignment of key values and synergies. Synergies I tells ya.”