A local woman has reacted angrily to the new smaller Chicken Crimpy biscuit, telling us that the change has the potential to ruin her life. Deborah Taylor is a genuine Arnott’s Shapes enthusiast, and estimates that she consumes at least three to four boxes of the nutritious snack each week.

Such regular consumption made her well placed to notice the recent decrease in size of each Chicken Crimpy biscuit, and she was not happy. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her ideal, Taylor said, “It’s only a slight reduction, and I know the boxes go by weight so they still technically contain the same amount of ‘chickeny’ goodness, but I am not happy about this at all. Who do they think they are, playing with people’s lives like this? I thought they would’ve learnt their lesson from that ‘New Shapes’ debacle that they trotted out a couple years ago.”

While Taylor said that she would remain loyal to the Shapes range, and that she was still consuming Chicken Crimpy by the box full, the change in size has shaken her loyalty to the brand. She said, “This might sound melodramatic, but the smaller biscuit size could ruin my life. I mean, if I let this get to me, like really get into my soul, it could destroy me.”