A local mother has openly criticised her 23-year-old daughter’s use of the hashtag “#bosslady” in an Instagram post shared yesterday, using the moment to deliver a couple of unsolicited home truths. When Claire Donaldson posted a whimsical selfie of her in the office at work in business attire and wearing her reading glasses, she decorated the image with a plethora of hashtags in a desperate attempt to extend her reach on the photo sharing social media platform.

Claire’s mother Karen was willing to let most of the, at times, irrelevant hashtags slide, but she took particular issue with #bosslady and has spent the last 24 hours grilling her daughter about where her life is heading and how she should be managing her online presence. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the situation, Karen said, “I literally spat out my afternoon coffee yesterday when I read that hashtag. Boss lady? Really? She currently sits at the very bottom of the organisational chart at her workplace, doesn’t know how to use a washing machine, has never paid me rent, and couldn’t cook two minute noodles. Boss lady? She’s not even the boss of her own life, let alone that of other people! She’s kidding herself.”

While Claire wouldn’t go on the record with us when we contacted her this morning, she conceded that the last 24 hours had been rather tense, and that her mother had delivered a rather sobering reality check on her current life situation. Late yesterday the offending Instagram post had been edited to exclude the #bosslady and by this morning the entire post had been deleted, despite an impressive 378 likes at last check.