NBA star Ben Simmons has reportedly credited his outstanding current form to his well-publicised turn out for a mid-week game at the Diamond Valley Stadium in August last year. The Philadelphia 76ers rising star is the hot favourite to be crowned the NBA Rookie of the Year at the end of the current season, and has drawn wide praise from within the basketball industry.

And now a source close to Simmons has claimed that the star believes his breathtaking debut season was sparked by playing for “The Splashers” Monday night team in mid-August last year. The source said, “Absolutely, Ben says it all started back in Greensborough. Prior to that he was battling with injury and was still unsure about his place in the game. But after such a crisp performance on Court 1, his confidence started to build.”

The source then went on to say, “A large percentage of elite sport is played between the ears. I mean, it’s the NBA man, so everyone’s got the skills, but if you want to make it to the top of the top, you need to have confidence and self-belief. And nothing boosted Ben’s confidence more than playing against those helpless suburban schmucks at the DV Stadium. I can promise you that.”