A local man has stormed out of a Watsonia supermarket after being handed $2 worth of 20 cent pieces without also receiving a token apology from the checkout chick. The man was last seen walking south up Watsonia Road muttering angrily to himself as he tried in vain to jam the 10 silver coins into his already bulging wallet.

Fellow shoppers at the supermarket expressed their surprise at the gruff reaction but agreed that an apology – however token – should have been offered for such a gross inconvenience. One such shopper, who requested anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I actually only shop here because they don’t have those self checkout thingoes, and I like a bit of human interaction when I’m paying for my groceries. We all know that the apology given for excessive silver is more obligation than genuine remorse, but it should always be given.”

The checkout chick in question was shaken by the incident, insisting that she genuinely forgot to apologise, as she’d worked a long shift and was tired. She said, “It was a real brain fade, I mean one of the first things we learn in training is to apologise for a whole range of things that are outside of our control – and big handfuls of change is one of the most important ones.”