New Australian coach Justin Langer has reportedly requested that every cricket changeroom in the country be adorned with a framed photo of Steve Waugh as part of a bold attempt to improve the apparently damaged culture of Australian cricket from grassroots all the way up to the national side. A source close to Langer told The Watsonia Bugle that the new coach believes this will be the first step in repairing cricket in this country, as Waugh represents, “Everything that we should all aspire to be… in cricket and in life”.

In a similar fashion to framed photos of the Queen appearing in school classrooms all over the Commonwealth in previous eras, it is believed that having Waugh’s piercing stare watching of cricketers of all levels will have a calming influence, as well as instilling a sense determination and fair play into players of all ages. The source said, “We all know JL’s a big fan of Tugga, maybe even the biggest fan of all time, so it makes sense that he wants to install him as some kind of patron saint of Aussie cricket. Steve Waugh was always a man for a crisis, and that’s exactly what Australian cricket is in right now.”

While Langer once famously said that he’d run through a brick wall if his former captain Steve Waugh asked him to, the national coach now seems content to just having Waugh stuck on brick walls all over Australia. A Cricket Australia spokesperson indicated to us that preparations have already commenced, and Waugh had been contacted to approve which image would be used.