A rogue man in Watsonia North has deliberately put out the wrong bin for the week and consequently confused his entire street. Retiree Dave Wilson made the bold move early yesterday afternoon when he placed his recycling bin on the kerb next to his usual rubbish bin, even though it was actually the week for the garden waste bin.

A recent study indicates that a shocking 85% of Banyule residents never know which week it is for the fortnightly bins, and instead just wait to see what their neighbours do before deciding which bin to place on the kerb. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Wilson said, “I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if I put the wrong bin out, most of these idiots would have no idea, and last night I proved it. Some just followed me like lemmings, others boldly stood their ground and put the correct bin out, and then a few of them spread their bets and put all three bins out. It was hilarious.”

However, one of Wilson’s neighbours refused to see the funny side of this social experiment. Chris Miller said, “What kind of a psychopath does that to his neighbours? I mean, what a jerk. How am I supposed to know which bin night it is unless one of the kindly retirees in the street plays the right card first. He’s ruining the whole bloody system!”