At the severe risk of metaphorically shooting Bambi, a local man has openly accused sports journalist Gerard Whateley of getting ahead of himself, based purely on the fact that Whateley is now dressing a bit better on television. Craig Vander made the strange allegation on Tuesday night during a dinner with friends at the Watsonia RSL, while AFL360 was playing on one of the TVs in the background.

After contacting The Watsonia Bugle to clarify his comments, Vander said, “I still love him mate, I really do. But who does he think he is wearing those nice tailored jackets and sports coats? I liked it better when he was wearing those oversized business shirts that made him look like a teenager borrowing his old man’s hand me down shirts for his weekly shift at the Greensy Pub bottleo. It’s like he’s gotten his own radio show now and just gotten a bit ahead of himself.”

While Vander acknowledged that Whateley remains one of the most respected and articulate voices in sport, he is running the severe risk of making passionate smoking advocate, and AFL360 co-host, Mark Robinson look even more slovenly than he already does. Vander said, “On screen the two of them were a good match. Gerard with his massive plain coloured shirts, and Robbo with his oversized suit jackets and enthusiasm to wear silly hats that guests bring to the show. But now that Gerard is looking heaps sharper it just leaves Robbo in the shade.”