Following a heavily publicised trial at Groovin The Moo in Canberra last weekend, a pill testing tent is expected to be onsite at this weekend’s annual Diamond Valley Gem Show, to ensure that any attendees planning on dabbling in illicit drug use will be doing so in a safe and secure environment. The increasingly popular Gem Show, driven each year by widespread billboard advertising at prominent intersections across our region, is expecting big crowds this year, so was keen to ensure the safety of gem aficionados both young and old.

One such aficionado, who requested strict anonymity, welcomed the addition of the tent to this year’s event. She said, “It’s not for everyone, but it’s nice to know that some safety measures are being added in case people choose to dabble. Excitement levels are already very high at the show, so we don’t want anyone getting too carried away.”

However, another regular attendee condemned the move, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “What a bloody disgrace! Why are any of these halfwits even taking drugs at this thing in the first place. What more stimulation does one require than seeing such a broad and diverse range of gems all in the one place? They should be ashamed of themselves.”