Hiding behind one of the most explosive off-field stories of the current AFL season so far is the apparent fact that journalist Mark Robinson used to share the occasional “dart” with Bomber Thompson out the front of the Fox Footy building. In an otherwise, at times, insightful 863-word article exploring the current mindset of Thompson, the man known as “Robbo” frequently refers to the fact that he and the former coach used to share a smoke. In fact, it’s mentioned no less than five times.

While most readers would agree that one or two references to the pair’s unhealthy habit would have delivered the same message, Robbo really wanted to emphasise the point that they liked to have a gasper after filming the hit show AFL360. Robinson sprinkled the regular references through his article like a metaphorical Salt Bae, leaving one local reader to question the merits of the repetition.

Watsonia man Callum Wecker told The Watsonia Bugle, “Gee he went a bit over the top with it didn’t he? Alright Robbo, we get it, you and Bomber both smoked. Cool story bro.”