Just when you thought rugby league culture couldn’t get any more confusing, Victoria Bitter is now to become the “Beer of Origin” for a much-heralded series between New South Wales and Queensland. While we’ve previously pointed out the oddity of VB being the NSW team sponsor, the latest move to formalise VB’s connection to the State of Origin series has left us south of the border scratching our heads.

In what is sure to be a controversial move, particularly in the parochial XXXX-loving haven of Queensland, regular punters at Brisbane’s Suncorp stadium will be served VB in their plastic cups, while XXXX Gold will apparently still be available in the corporate sections of the stadium. Queensland living, XXXX loving, and Maroon supporting Brisbanite Cameron Barnes has told The Watsonia Bugle, “This is bloody bullshit mate! What do those flaming scarf-wearing pansies down in Melbourne know about two teams of muscled up behemoths bashing into each other for 80+ minutes? Nothin’. That’s what they know about it. Nothin’.”

While the exact number of scarf-wearing Melbournians that actually drink VB remains unclear, Barnes remained unrepentant in his condemnation of the change of beer supplier. He said, “We always talk about ‘bring back the biff’, but now we’re gunna have to say ‘bring back the beer’. This is unacceptable mate. I’ve got kids. What kind of world are they gunna be raised in if this goes ahead?”