Today is a big day in the gem collecting fraternity as the annual Diamond Valley Gem Show kicked off in Greensborough this morning. Few people in the area know much about the Show, except that every year in recent memory eye-catching banners advertising the Show appear on major intersections throughout the area. 

The most prominent of these banners is the one that is tied to a fence on the intersection of Grimshaw Street and Greensborough Highway across the road from Red Rooster. Every. Year. 

The Show is presumably a haven for misfits, geology nerds, and/or old people. Regardless, the Gem Show is conveniently scheduled in May, a typically quiet month for social activities and events, not that the average gem show attendee would be flushed for social engagements at any other time of the year. But, you know, they’re always on the lookout for new followers so they’ve timed it well.