A 34-year-old man has remarkably signed a long-term deal to become the official hands of a leading pensioner’s insurance agency. The Watsonia North man, Jarrod McManus, suffers from a rare disease known as oldmanhanditis, a degenerative condition, characterised by excessive wrinkling and ageing of the hands, incommensurate to the age of the person possessing the hands.

Common causes of the condition are hard manual labor from a young age, being a swimming instructor, or being a dish pig at a busy restaurant. Having not been exposed to any of those triggers, McManus believes his condition is the legacy of mild to severe obsessive compulsive behaviour that has turned him into a excessive hand washer. 

The Marketing Director of the popular insurance agency, Bruce Davidson, has likened the deal to the long-term contracts offered to so-called “AAMI girls”. According to Davidson, “it’s a very similar concept to the successful tactic adopted by AAMI in contracting girls to be the official face of their brand for 5-6 years. Insurance customers want familiarity with the face of their agencies, so they need consistency. 

“Although in that example, AAMI can never renew the initial contract because the girls are deemed ‘too old’ quite quickly. Whereas with Jarrod, we have the hands of our ageing demographic on an otherwise healthy young man. So with modern life expectancy, we could potentially use Jarrod’s hands in our advertisements for the next 50 years!”

When quizzed on why the insurance agency uses hands in their advertising instead of a face, Davidson claimed that his demographic didn’t want to see facial reminders of how old they are, but felt an ageing set of hands were living proof of experience and were something to be proud of. Davidson also responded to concerns of how old McManus’s hands would look in 50 years, considering the degenerative nature of his condition, by saying that the new hand model had committed to an intensive hand care regime, including hourly moisturising, and regular counselling in an attempt to manage his frequent hand washing.