The current plight of alleged drug trafficker and South Australian Cassie Sainsbury has left some major news outlets confused about where they stand on the topic of prison conditions. Sainsbury is currently incarcerated in the El Buen Pastor women’s prison in Colombia after being arrested at Bogota airport allegedly in possession of more than five kilograms of cocaine that was concealed in her luggage as she attempted to board a flight home to Australia.

In an attempt to provide some background information on the story, news outlets have spent today investigating the squalid conditions at El Buen Pastor to share some of the challenges currently being faced by Sainsbury. The resultant articles bemoaned the fact that Sainsbury may be subject to difficult conditions inside the prison as she awaits trial. 

The confusion of these news outlets arises from the fact that they often publish articles about how prisoners in Australia have it too good on the inside, with a favourite feature to highlight being the playing of video games in palatial recreation rooms. This is a popular go-to topic on otherwise slow news days to evoke outrage amongst readers and boost sales. 

The Watsonia Bugle contacted a selection of these outlets today in an attempt to ascertain their official position on the appropriate conditions inside a prison but they all refused to make a recorded statement.