Conspiracy theorists have really pushed the boat out this time, claiming that the ABC For Kids channel is just one big elaborate ploy to get us watching old Spicks and Specks re-runs. Throughout the day, the channel broadcasts kid-friendly programs before ending at 7.00pm with the blissful sound of Giggle and Hoot’s goodnight song. 

At the completion of the goodnight song, the channel abruptly switches to adult programming, beginning with the amusing music-themed quiz show Spicks and Specks. This switch has been put under the spotlight by conspiracy theorists who now claim that the programming technique is very similar to running football games directly into the nightly news in an attempt to draw lazy and/or absent-minded viewers onto their next show. 

Macleod man Francis Williams, from the online group Sceptics ‘R Us, claims that the ABC is just desperately trying to breathe life into their flagship music quiz show that reached its zenith almost 10 years ago. According to Francis, “they’re just preying on tired and unsuspecting parents. At the end of the day these parents are just glad to put their kids into bed and then slump onto the couch and exhale loudly. Next thing they know they’re engrossed in Adam Hills’s well-crafted monologues, that confusing segment where contestants sing from generic books to the tune of popular songs, and remembering which sometimes now obscure comedians were popular in the mid-2000s.”