Mila Kunis has privately admitted that she doesn’t actually drink bourbon, despite being the face of a national campaign for Jim Beam. When quizzed over the weekend about her involvement in the campaign, Kunis reportedly said, “bourbon, that stuff? Oh no, I’ve never drunk it in my life. It’s gross. I can’t even smell the stuff without dry reaching, so in the TV ads they had to put iced tea in the glasses to stop me from vomiting on screen.”

The revelation came while she was dining with friends in LA and one of the friends quizzed her about the campaign. An eavesdropping ad executive on an adjacent table heard the comments and tweeted them to the world. The tweets then went viral, causing Jim Beam to go into damage control and also reconsider Kunis’s role as their bourbon poster girl. 

Jim Beam released a statement overnight saying, “We were disappointed to here Mila’s comments about our high quality product and are currently dealing with her people in an attempt to clarify her position. Once we have spoken to her we will review our multi-million dollar campaign and her role in it.”