General morale at a local workplace has reportedly plummeted to a new low thanks to what one employee describes as the “continual misuse of the communal beer fridge”. An anonymous worker from the workplace contacted The Watsonia Bugle to report on the issue, telling us that tension is high, and this Friday could be a very interesting scenario.

The anonymous worker explained that each Friday, someone will offer to attend the local bottle shop and buy a few beers on the unwritten understanding that everyone chips in and pays the buyer back, depending on what they consume through the course of the afternoon/evening. The buyer volunteers on an ad hoc basis which, along with a string of unpaid debts, seems to be the cause of the problem amongst the work colleagues.

According to the anonymous employee, “It’s a multi-faceted issue, really. We’ve always had the combination of the same people having to volunteer to buy and then certain people not paying up when the time comes. But, recently, when you arrive on a Monday morning all of the leftover beers have mysteriously disappeared. I’m not pointing any fingers, but I reckon I know who the culprits are. Let’s just say this Friday could be interesting. I think people have had enough, and tongues can only be bitten for so long.”