A self-proclaimed “superboot” from a local footy club has reportedly claimed that he could make the grade as a punter in America. Despite having never actually kicked a gridiron ball, Fraser Young has recently been telling friends and family that he “might head over to the States next year and just see what happens”.

In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Young said, “Yeah mate, I’ve seen a few of them Aussies do alright over there. I mean, the Yanks don’t know how to kick a footy. You know, really send one into orbit. But I’ve been roosting them since I was a little tacker, so I reckon I could give them a run for their money.”

Thankfully, it seems Young isn’t putting all his eggs in one basket, revealing that if he didn’t get picked up by a pro team over in the USA he’d be just as happy back at the Watsonia Wombats playing as an unaccountable big forward who “kicks big snags”. He said, “Yeah mate, I don’t really care if I don’t make it. I’m just as happy here playing footy with me mates and having a few beers at the club every Saturday night.”