A local woman’s mother has ruined an otherwise traction-worthy Facebook post by adding a daggy comment that has brought only embarrassment to the original poster. The local woman, Rachael Davis, posted a witty and punchy post about the current state of Australian politics, then sat back to watch the likes and laughs roll her way. But merely minutes into the life of the post, Davis’s mother added the comment, “Very funny darling, I love hearing your thoughts on world politics. What time are you coming for dinner tonight?”

Initially angered by the comment, Davis considered deleting her entire post before deciding to give her mother’s comment a chance. However, after a quiet half hour, she decided to delete her mother’s comment, prompting her mother to comment again with, “Oh, I already commented on this dear, but now I can’t see it. What happened to my comment?”

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Rachael said, “She pulls this kind of shit all the time. It is a disaster for my digital footprint. I’d defriend her but she doesn’t have many friends so she would definitely notice.”