Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was reportedly spotted loitering around Canberra supermarkets this afternoon asking customers if they’d forgotten their wallets and would like him to pay for their groceries. The left-field approach to vote chasing came just hours after news broke that New Zealand’s beloved Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had recently come to a stressed-out mother’s aid at a supermarket across the Tasman.

While accustomed to spotting high-ranking politicians whizzing past in their chauffeur driven cars, witnesses at the supermarket said it was the first time they’d seen ScoMo at the Woolworths in the Canberra suburb of Dickson. One customer, who gave his name as Darren, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I thought it might have been an impersonator at first. You know, someone doing a prank like them Chaser’s War on Everything blokes used to do. But it was actually him. It was amazing.”

Unfortunately for Morrison, Darren had, in fact, remembered to bring his wallet into the supermarket, but our fearless leader didn’t let that setback stop him from continuing to boost his profile as an everyday Aussie bloke. As the Darren was leaving the supermarket 15 minutes later, he spotted ScoMo wandering through the fruit and veg section. Darren said, “He was still going mate. He must really want those votes. In a strange way, I kind of admired his persistence.”